A luminous experience in the heart of the Basilica

Montreal, Quebec (2017 - ongoing)

AURA is a multimedia show featuring digital projections, lighting and music presented at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica and carried out by Moment Factory. The AURA experience also invite you to explore the Basilica and discover a series of illuminated stations that highlight its architectural details and artworks.

Troublemakers had the mandates of musical composition, orchestral recording, sound design and on-site integration of audio content.

This is a flagship project for Troublemakers, as it involved a unique and close collaboration with the Moment Factory creative team. It was one of the rare times where the music had to be entirely composed before animating and projecting images on the walls of the Basilica. It is also a very large-scale local project requiring an orchestra of 35 musicians, a choir of 20 singers, and the recording and real-time programming of the Basilica’s great Casavant organ.

The result of this collaboration is an immersive experience charged with emotion that showcases the Basilica’s singular architecture and regularly appears on the list of attractions to see in Montreal. Recipient of a TEA Awards 2018 (Outstanding Immersive Event), a NUMIX 2018 award (Cultural Production/Mapping video) and a Design APPLIED ARTS 2018 award (Entertainment Arts & Tourism).

Video credit : Charleswood Films
Photo credit: Moment Factory / Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica




    • Musical direction: Marc Bell
    • Musical composition: Marc Bell + Gabriel Thibaudeau
    • Orchestration: Gabriel Thibaudeau
    • Recording, chief engineer: François Arbour
    • Recording, Assistant: Fred Bouchard + Manu Alberola
    • Sound design: Fred Bouchard + Marc Bell
    • Audio content integration: Marc Bell + Fred Bouchard
    • Audio system design, integration and spatialization: Jean-Michel Caron
    • Orchestra: Montreal Orchestra Company (MOC)
    • Choir: Ensemble Kô
    • Soloist: Andréanne Brisson-Paquin
    • Organist: Pierre Grandmaison
    • Synthesizers: Dan Thouin
    • Percussions: Sébastien Lamontagne
    • Audio producer: Jean-Sébastien Giard


    • THEAOutstanding Immersive Event (2018)
    • NUMIXCultural production / Mapping video (2018)
    • Design APPLIED ARTSEntertainment Arts & Tourism (2018)