A presentation of

The Man Who Laughs

A movie by Paul Leni (1928)

After Metropolis and The Phantom of the Opera, GABRIEL THIBAUDEAU and FANTASIA are teaming up once again and are happy to announce the presentation of a unique cinematographic concert of The Man Who Laughs; an American film inspired by Victor Hugo's novel L'Homme qui rit, produced in 1928 by the German Impressionist film maker Paul Leni.

In 1690's England, King James II sentences his political enemy, Lord Clancharlie, to death in an iron maiden. Clancharlie's son, Gwynplaine, is disfigured with a permanent grin by comprachico Dr. Hardquannone, so that he will "laugh forever at his fool of a father". When the comprachicos are exiled, Gwynplaine is deserted. He discovers a blind baby girl, Dea, who has also been abandoned. Together, they are taken in by the mountebank Ursus.

Years later, a now-adult Gwynplaine has become The Laughing Man, the freak show star of a traveling carnival. Now attached to the court of Queen Anne, he discovers records that reveal Gwynplaine's lineage and rightful inheritance.

The performance of GABRIEL THIBAUDEAU's original score for the film will be interpreted live by a 9-piece orchestra under the direction of the composer and featuring the QUATUOR MOLINARI.

The post-expressionist and romantic musical gem has been performed in concert across the globe for nearly 20 years now; from Paris to Sao Paulo, from New-York to Tokyo.

cinematographic concert

July 20, 8 PM

Concordia University's DB CLARKE Theatre

Tickets on sale on admission








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