A Quebec dark comedy

Québéc (2015)

Paul à Québec is a film directed by François Bouvier, written by François Bouvier and Michel Rabagliati, produced by Nathalie Brigitte Bustos, Karine Vanasse, Valérie d’Auteuil and André Rouleau.


Troublemakers was mandated to provide orchestral recording services: orchestra management, recording sessions and music mixing.


The soundtrack of the film is a work by composer Benoît Charest. In total, Troublemakers hired an ensemble of 20 musicians, including 12 strings, 3 woodwinds, a trumpet, percussion, piano, accordion and a martenot waves under the direction of Benoît Charest.



    • Music composition: Benoît Charest
    • Recording: François Arbour
    • Conductor: Benoît Charest
    • Orchestra: Montreal Orchestra Company (MOC)
    • Additional recording: Manu Alberola
    • Producer: Jean-Sébastien Giard