A show inspired by memories from the Charlevoix region

Charlevoix, Quebec (2023)

With Éclats, the new The 7 fingers production immerses us into a world inspired by the bustling nature of fun fairs.

Troublemakers had the mandate of on-site audio content operation.

The acrobatic show takes us on an experience inspired by memories of the Charlevoix region. Between sea and mountains, the spectator is carried away on a kaleidoscopic journey into the world of Éclats.

Photos credit (1 & 3) : The 7 fingers

Eclats - 7 doigts
Eclats - 7 doigts


    Production: Les 7 doigts de la main

    Artistic and Stage Director:  Isabelle Chassé
    Director’s Assistant: Brin Schoellkopf
    Set and Props Designer: Francis Farley-Lemieux
    Costume Designer: Elen Ewing
    Musical Director: Raphaël D’Amours
    Original Music by Raphaël D’Amours and Colin Gagné
    Lighting Designer: Étienne Boucher
    Acrobatics Coach: Francisco Cruz

    Costume Designer’s Assistant: Pascale Bassani
    Production Manager: Emanuelle Kirouac
    Assistant to the production: Zoé Kolic
    Technical Director: Jeremi Guilbault-Asselin
    Production Coordinator: Béatrice Gingras
    On-site audio content operation: Christopher Favreau (Troublemakers)
    Chief Rigger Michelle Winter
    Poster/Graphic Designer Sophie Leclerc

    Cast: Marie-Christine Fournier, Catherine Girard, Nadine Louis, Joel Malkoff, Laurence Racine-Choinière, Louis-David Simoneau, Anthony Venisse, Marilou Verschelden and Jonathan Victoria