Un parcours de nuit au Missouri Botanical Garden

St. Louis, Missouri (2018)
Flora Borealis is a multimedia and interactive nocturnal journey of more than a kilometer in the heart of the oldest botanical garden in the United States signed by Christie360 and Gentilhomme.
Troublemakers had the music composition, sound design, and audio content integration on-site mandates.
The main challenge of this project was to compose the music of 8 different zones while ensuring musical harmony between each of these zones since it was possible to hear more than one audio source in certain places of the route. It was also necessary to think about an expressive and organic sound design but not invasive because the garden is located in the heart of a residential area.
Flora Borealis was a phenomenal success for the botanical garden and the city of Saint-Louis to such an extent that they decided to continue the experience the following year.
Photos: © Wesley Schaefer + Sébastien Tessier

Flora Borealis – Missouri Botanical Garden from Gentilhomme on Vimeo.


Compositition musicale, Conception sonore (SFX) + Mixage


    • Client: Christie360 + Gentilhomme


    • Composition, musical direction: Marc Bell
    • Sound design: Fred Bouchard + Marc Bell
    • Audio content integration: Marc Bell + Manu Alberola
    • Audio producer: Manu Alberola
    • Executive audio producer: Jean-Sébastien Giard