A music video kicking off a series of concerts at La Sphere

Worldwide (2023)

With production and creative direction by Moment Factory, U2‘s “Atomic City” video pays tribute to Las Vegas, where the legendary band perform a series of concerts at the Sphere.

Troublemakers had the mandates of sound design and mixing.

The soundscape, specially designed for the video, supports what happens before and after the song.

Photos credit: Moment Factory

U2 - Atomic City
U2 - Atomic City
U2 - Atomic City
U2 - Atomic City
U2 - Atomic City
U2 - Atomic City


    Creative by U2 + Moment Factory Music

    Creative Direction: Tarik Mikou
    Director & Director of Photography:Ben Kutchins

    Creative Consultant: Gavin Friday
    U2 Management : Principle Management – Dublin: Kelly McNamara & Nadine King
    Full Stop Management – Los Angeles: Irving Azoff, Jeffrey Azoff, Brandon Rieck, Jordan Federman, Kate Rancka

    Produced by Moment Factory Music & HKCORP
    Executive Producers: Daniel Jean, David Gitlis
    Produced by James Richardson, Lorne Hiltser
    Production Designer: Tommaso Ortino
    Edited: Lost Planet
    Edited by Saar Klein & Juliana Rodzinski

    VFX: HULK, Mathematic
    Sound design and mix: Fred Bouchard (Troublemakers)
    Color and Finish by Company 3
    Colorist: Jill Bogdanowicz
    Lead Flame: @jasonfreankenstein
    Line Producer: Samantha Manalang
    Producer: Anis Gji
    Project Manager: Matthias Carette
    Production Manager: Francisca Zapata
    Production Coordinators: Amanda Cubero & Breanne Hamilton
    Logistics Manager: Virginie Drouot

    U2UV Screens Content Created by Treatment Studio
    Director: Willie Williams
    Producer: Lizzie Pocock
    Featuring samples of ZooTV 1992 elements by Mark Pellington
    Design & Animation: Jim Greenslade & Rosalvo Melo
    Notch Design: Brett Bolton
    U2 Sphere Team:
    Production Manager: Jake Berry & the entire U2 Crew who helped support this shoot
    Content Playback: Stefaan Smasher Desmedt