A permanent multimedia show at Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Hong Kong (2020)

Gala of Lights is Moment Factory‘s newest permanent attraction for Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. The experience includes four multimedia shows: a 12-minute acrobatic show produced in collaboration with the circus troupe The 7 Fingers, a 5-minute mapping show using the entire façade of the site as a canvas, and two water fountain and light shows.

Troublemakers was mandated for musical composition, orchestral recording, sound design and on-site integration of audio content.

As Troublemakers’ first project on Chinese soil, Gala of Lights is set apart by the opportunity to compose for a troupe of circus artists. The relationship between music and acrobatics is so intrinsic that the composition work was done between rehearsals over a period of almost six months, with some last-minute changes even during integration. These last-minute changes were an added challenge when handling on-site orchestra recording sessions with more than 20 musicians!

Video and photo credit: Moment Factory


Troublemakers_Gala of Lights
Troublemakers_Gala of Lights
Troublemakers_Gala of Lights


    • Musical composition and musical direction: Marc Bell
    • Additional musical composition: Antoine Vachon
    • Orchestration: Ghislain Leclant + Antoine Vachon
    • Recording: François Arbour
    • Sound design: Fred Bouchard + Marc Bell
    • Audio content integration: Marc Bell + Fred Bouchard
    • Orchestra: Montreal Orchestra Company (MOC)
    • Bass: Louis-Philippe Quesnel
    • Piano: Ghislain Leclant
    • Drum: Fred Bouchard
    • Audio executive producer: Jean-Sébastien Giard