The Hard Rock Seminole Hotel

A multimedia projection to celebrate the inauguration of the electric guitar-shaped hotel

Hollywood, Florida (2019)

The inauguration of the ingenious Guitar Hotel located in Hollywood, Florida is a one-night “mapping show” produced by Float4.


Troublemakers was mandated for musical direction, production of musical arrangements, remixing and sound design.


Since Hard Rock is closely related to pop and rock music, the client’s approach was to build the visual identity of the show by linking it to a soundtrack composed of a succession of musical hits from the last 40 years. Such a creative choice requires careful attention to audio editing, in order to create a dynamic, exciting and coherent musical curve despite all the changes in style, tempos and tonality imposed by the choice of music.


The show was such a success that during the evening, it was presented three times rather than once and is now broadcasted weekly on the front of the hotel.


Photo and Video Credit: Joe Polillio 



    • Client: Float4


    • Musical Direction: Manu Alberola 
    • Musical composition: Louis-Olivier Desmarais
    • Sound design: Louis-Olivier Desmarais + Manu Alberola
    • Audio editing : Manu Alberola
    • Mixing: Fred Bouchard
    • Audio producer : Manu Alberola
    • Executive audio producer: Jean-Sébastien Giard