An immersive experience during COP15

Montreal, Quebec (2022)

As part of COP15, which took place from December 7 to 19, 2022 in Montreal, OASIS immersion and the National Geographic Society, in partnership with Campaign for Nature, offered participants the chance to immerse themselves in nature through “One World, One Chance”.

Troublemakers’ mandate included sound design.

Through collaboration with Quebec digital artists, including Émile Roy as director, as video editor and post-production, Uberko as soundtrack, 20K as spatialization, and Troublemakers as sound design, this multimedia installation reveals how ecosystems, animals, and populations interact with the natural environment.

Images and video courtesy of OASIS immersion


One world, one chance
One world, one chance
One world, one chance


    Production: OASIS immersion
    Direction: Émile Roy 
    Video edition and post-production:
    Soundtrack: Uberko
    Spatialization: 20K
    Sound design: Frédéric Bouchard
    Project management: Hugo Loïs