A multimedia architectural installation

Singapore (2017)

Terminal 4 Changi is the newest addition to this magnificent airport. It is set apart by the integration within its architecture of a multitude of digital technologies offered by Moment Factory, such as screens, projectors and loudspeakers broadcasting both relevant information for travellers and artistic and narrative capsules.

Troublemakers was mandated for musical direction, musical composition and sound design.

The biggest challenge of this project was the sound design work. To give an indication of the vastness of the space, simple visual animations of “kinetic” petals in perpetual motion, planes crossing the sky or a magical jungle required months of sound recording, audio manipulation and creative sound editing.

Already known as one of the best airport experiences in the world, the addition of Terminal 4 has helped Changi become the recipient of the “SKYTRAX – World’s Best Airport 2020” award for the eighth consecutive year.

Video and photo credit: Moment Factory


Troublemakers_Aéroport Changi de Singapour
Troublemakers_Aéroport Changi de Singapour
Troublemakers_Aéroport Changi de Singapour


    • Musical direction: Marc Bell, Manu Alberola
    • Musical composition: Marc Bell, Manu Alberola + Ghislain Leclant 
    • Sound Design: Manu Alberola
    • Recording: Marc Bell + Manu Alberola
    • Mixing: Marc Bell
    • Executive producer: Jean-Sébastien Giard