An immersive exhibition on biodiversity

Montreal, Quebec (2023)

The new immersive exhibition Root for Nature is produced and distributed by OASIS Immersive Studios in collaboration with National Geographic.

Troublemakers had the mandate of sound design for the Gallery 1 “An Ever-Growing World”.

Inspired by the historic COP15 Agreements, Root for Nature immerses visitors into the heart of biodiversity through immersive digital arts and informative educational zones.

The exhibition is open to the public until May 31, 2024 at Oasis Immersion.

Video credit: Oasis Immersion
Photos credit: Jean-Philip Lessard



    Gallery 1 “An Ever-Growing World”

    Concept and Direction: Katerine Giguère
    Direction, Editing and Colorization: Johnny Ranger
    Visual effects: Étienne Després
    Music Direction: Anaïs Larocque, Jérémie Corriveau
    Sound Design: Fred Bouchard (Troublemakers)
    Sound Spatialization: Émeric Demangel (20K)
    Footage: National Geographic Society, Artlist, Shutterstock

    Gallery 2 “We are all interconnected”

    Design, Direction and animation: Alexandre Le Guillou
    Music Direction and Sound Design: Azu Tiwaline
    Sound Spatialization: Émeric Demangel (20 K)

    Gallery 3 “Rising to the challenge”

    Direction: Émile Roy
    Editing, Motion Design, Colorization: Martin Jean, Dulciane Desautels, Jaya Jyasuriya et Lise Caro (
    Music Direction: Uberko
    Sound Design and Spatialization: Jean-François Bertrand-Sauvé
    Visual effects and Interactive Design: Rich & Miyu
    Interactivity Consultant: Hugues Caillères
    Voice-overs: Joséphine Bacon, David Suzuki, Severn Cullis Suzuki, Tiisaan Suzuki-Brown
    Interview and Direction: Émile Roy
    Voice-overs recording: Francis Gélinas (Couleur.TV)
    Footage: Age of Union, Paul Rosolie, Alex Carignan, Artlist et Shutterstock

     Regeneration Lounge

    Workshop Ideation: Ateliers pour la biodiversité
    Artistic Direction and Set Design: Prémisse
    Gamification consulting: Ioulia Isserlis, David Adler et Nicolas Dubé-Pauzé

    General credits

    Lead creation and content strategy: Sam Greffe
    Visual identity design: Geneviève Cooke, Audrey Gagnon, en collaboration avec OASIS immersion
    Set design: Pestacle
    Project Managing – Set Design: Cyrile Vo-Quand
    Lightbox concept and text: David Fuenzalida – L’Homme qui nomme
    Recording and mixing – Ambient music: Donevan Adams, Louis-Jo Cliche, Giacomo De Paola, Guillaume Degré-Timmons, Jacob Gauthier, Robitaille et Maxime Navert (Lamajeure)
    Subjet matter expert: David Roy, Fondation David Suzuki et Nations Unies
    First Nations Consultant: Yann Allard-Tremblay