A Public Art Installation

Troublemakers, in collaboration with Hub Studio.

Hexaphone is an immersive multimedia installation built for public spaces. 

For the project, three musical artists, Thaïs, Jorane and Kids from the Underground each recorded a song.

The installation consists of five individual modules arranged in a circle.

The sounds of the different instruments are isolated then distributed across the five module. This way, listeners can hear every musician’s contribution separately by walking near each module or hear the entire music mix by standing in the center of the circle.

This project is part of the cultural programming of the Safe Active Routes, funded under the Agreement on Cultural Development of Montreal and the Montreal Reflex Agreement between the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec.

The Hexaphone is modular for outdoor and indoor spaces. The musical content is fully customizable. For more information and bookings: hexaphone@troublemakers.ca

Photo and video credit: Mathieu Barrette (https://bboxprod.com/)


    • Client: Ville de Montréal


    • Artistes –

    Thaïs : Boréal (2020)

    Singer-Songwriter (Keyboard) : Thaïs Millet

    Drums : Jérémie Essiambre

    Bass : Louis-Philippe Quesnel

    Guitar : Antoine Perreault


    • Jorane : In Motion (2019)

    Singer-Songwrtier (Cello) : Jorane

    Drums : Stephan Schneider

    Contrabass : Mathieu Desy

    Guitars : Jesse Mac Cormac + Eloi Painchaud


    • Kids from the Underground : Redfern (2018)

    Vocals : Fernando Freiherr von Grünau (aka Fernie)

    Vocals : Olivier Moses Boulard (aka Mosez Jones)

    Drums : Samant Mathur (aka Samaether)

    Fender Rhodes : Cédric de Saint-Rome (aka Housefly)

    Bass : Roy Boutros


    • Troublemakers –

    Creative Director & Producer: Manu Alberola

    Music Producer: Marc Bell

    Project Manager: Hugo Loïs

    Executive Producer: Jean-Sébastien Giard


    • MTRX Audio –
    • Acoustic Design & Technical Direction: Nicolas Michel, Patrice Langlois + Jean-Michel Caron


    • Hub Studio –

    Creative Director: Gonzalo Soldi

    Designer: Thomas Payette

    Technological Director: Hughes Caillères

    Multimedia Director: Antonin Gougeon Moisan

    General Director: Hughes Monfroy


    • CharlesWood Films – 

    Videographers: Jean-Philippe Charlebois & Anthony Sifoni

    Editing: Anthony Sifoni


    • Manufacturing: Gaufab inc.