U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere

A multimedia capsule for U2 presented at the Sphere

Las Vegas, Nevada (2023)

Produced by Moment Factory, a 5-minute multimedia capsule is presented on the Sphere in Las Vegas, announcing the U2 concert series: “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere”.

Troublemakers had the mandates of musical direction, sound design and mixing.

Before each performance, the image of Achtung Baby is broadcast on the outside of the Sphere from several vantage points across the city, through the world’s largest 360° screen.

The sound design of the multimedia content was based on music by U2, particularly during the period of the Achtung Baby album.

Video credit: Moment Factory



    Creative & Content Direction: Moment Factory
    Original Concept: U2 & Gavin Friday

    Direction: Tarik Mikou

    Content Production: Moment Factory , Belo FX, Agora Studio & Mathematic

    Lead & Content Supervisor: Manuel Galarneau
    Music Direction, Sound Design & Mix: Fred Bouchard (Troublemakers)
    Producer: Daniel Jean
    Production Manager: James Richardson
    Line Producer: Marie-Pier Hamelin

    U2 Management:
    Principle Management – Dublin: Kelly McNamara & Nadine King Full Stop Management – Los Angeles: Irving Azoff, Jeffrey Azoff, Brandon Rieck, Jordan Federman, Kate Rancka

    Moment Factory:
    Content Producer: Susanna Jones & Rachel Claude
    Content Coordinator: Juliette Dekaoui
    CG Supervisor: Timothy Dormady & Mathieu Morasse
    3d Motion Lead: Andres Auld & Esteban Chacin
    Previz: David Churma
    Motion Designers & 3D Artists: Ismael Cosio
    Art Director: Simon Léveillé
    Concept Artists : Nataly Kais, Nicolas Chacin, Adrien Zumbihl
    Content TD: Corentin Kieffer & François Desrochers
    AV Integrator : Nadim Souaid
    Stock Research & Archives : Vinh Truong
    Procurement Manager: Sophie Charbonneau

    Belo FX
    VFX Producer: Ashlyn Hardie
    Head of CG: Rick Leary
    Head of 2D: Vic Wade
    3D Supervisor: Stacie Hawdon
    Producer: Woojo Jeon
    Asset Supervisor: Dave Crabtree
    Lead 3D Artist: Maxwell Smit
    CG Technical Supervisor: Kate McFadden
    Pipeline Engineer: Moe Badah
    Systems Administrator: Adam Barnett

    AGORA Studio
    Executive Producer: Nicolas Alexandre Noel
    Rigging Supervisor: Giuseppe Chisari
    Rigging: Ivan Yevchyn
    Animation Supervisor: Karoly Matyas
    Animation: Fabio Carmona, Irina Wolf, Emile Ghorayeb, Fonzo Romano, Renato Sena
    Technical Support: Camille Jacques
    Animation Technical Support: Trefle Meilleur

    Baby Voice Over: Mishka Mikou