A multimedia amusement park in Paradise City

Incheon, South Korea (2019)

Wonderbox is an indoor amusement park combining conventional kiosks with interactive stations as well as multimedia projections and an acrobatics show. The park, whose digital elements are produced by Moment Factory, is part of the Paradise City complex located in the city of Incheon in South Korea.


Troublemakers had the mandates of musical direction, musical composition, orchestral sound recording, sound design and on-site integration of audio content.


The visual signature of Wonderbox is a kind of blending of two worlds: Disney and Tim Burton. The musical signature of the five “mini-shows” was to evoke the fruition of this symbolic union. One of the biggest challenges was a technical one. Two versions of each soundtrack had to be produced in order to present each version on screens of different sizes and shapes. This allows the visitor to view a similar but different story according to their point of view.

Paradise City and its Wonderbox is a popular destination for Asian tourists.



Photo et Video Credit: Moment Factory

Wonderbox | Paradise City Korea from Moment Factory on Vimeo.



Composition, Live Orchestral Recording, Sound Design (SFX), Editing + Mix


    • Client: Moment Factory


    • Musical direction: Marc Bell
    • Orchestration: Ghislain Leclant
    • Recording: François Arbour 
    • Sound design: Fred Bouchard
    • Audio content integration: Fred Bouchard + Manu Alberola 
    • Orchestra: Montreal Orchestra Company (MOC)
    • Bass, ukulele: Louis-Philippe Quesnel
    • Piano: Ghislain Leclant
    • Drums: Fred Bouchard
    • Audio executive producer: Jean-Sébastien Giard


    • THEA –  Outstanding Achievement, Family Entertainment Center (2020)